Congelagos has the capacity to grade, process and freeze 300 tons of fish daily and to store 5,400 tons of frozen seafood. The CO2-based cold generation system, reaching temperatures of -48°C, was designed and installed by industry leader Johnson Controls.


Our main production lines were designed and built by Optimar, a global leader in fish processing equipment with 80 years of experience. Optimar continues to lead  innovation in an industry traditionally dependent on manual labor. Its sophisticated automated solutions are cost-efficient and mindful of animal welfare and the environment.

We chose KUKA as they are one of the world’s leading suppliers of intelligent automation solutions. They have proven their expertise by developing products for a broad variety of industry sectors and through sales of around 3.5 billion euro. With their innovations we have been able to develop our most efficient production line to date.


This combination of technologies allows Congelagos to respond to the needs of the most demanding customers, guaranteeing quality and consitency.

Processes include:

  • Blocks in contact-freezing horizontal plate freezers

  • IQF spiral tunnel

  • Blast freezing in various formats

  • Cryogenics

  • Filleting

  • Cephalopod line

  • Small-pelagic lines

  • Large-pelagic line

Congelagos also features:

  • Climate controlled production

  • Refrigerated seawater for all processing, including holding tanks for freezing lines

  • High-output small pelagic grading

  • Metal detection in packaging lines

  • Robotized palletizing system

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5.400 T

Storage capacity
at -25°C..

300 T

Daily processing
and freezing capacity.

24 T

Daily ice production