Congelagos has the capacity to process and freeze 300 t of seafood daily and frozen storage capacity of 5,400 t. Its CO2 cold generation system was designed and supplied by global engineering leaders in fish processing and can freeze at sub -48°C.

Processes include:

  • Blocks in contact-freezing horizontal plate freezers (Norwegian system)

  • IQF spiral tunnel

  • Blast freezing in various formats

  • Filleting

  • Cephalopod, small-pelagic and large-pelagic lines

Congelagos also features:

  • Climate controlled production

  • Refrigerated seawater or freshwater

  • High-output small pelagic grading

  • Metal detection

  • Robotized palletization

This combination of technologies allows Congelagos to respond to the needs of the most demanding customers, guaranteeing quality and consitency.

Our production lines are designed and built by global engineering leaders in fish processing with decades of experience. Our lines are efficient and focused on quality, innovation, automation and the environment, in an industry traditionally dependent on manual labor.

We use some of the most advanced intelligent automation solutions anywhere, commonly used in the most progressive industries but seldom applied to fish processing.