A Lifetime In the Ocean

The project was conceived in 2015, but this journey began decades ago, fostered upon friendships and a burning desire to grow and make a difference.

Nuno Battaglia and Jorge Grave were raised in Lagos, where they came to know the sea intimately, understanding that living off it requires hard work, patience, and grit. When Nuno returned home after 27 years abroad, having built a successful career in the United States, he arrived wanting to develop a project to revitalize the defunct fishing industry that once thrived here.

“The place you grow up shapes you. I grew up here. The Sea was my home, my school, my temple. I must have been five or six years old when I put a mask on for the first time and jumped in the Sea. I was hooked! A passion that continues to this day.


The Sea fostered my curiosity, my ability to solve problems, to see new paths, to go farther, deeper. In the Sea I learned to see new opportunities—I learned entrepreneurship. In the Sea I made lifelong friends and business partners. And it was in the Sea where I developed respect for something greater than myself.”

– Nuno Battaglia