Congelagos was founded to meet the growing global demand for natural and convenient seafood-based diets, by becoming Portugal’s fish processing leader through a clear commitment to health, quality of service, innovation and sustainability.
Congelagos is committed to distributing the highest quality fish, carefully fished, handled, processed, and distributed, preserving quality, all year.


Congelagos is based on the fundamental premise that fishing is only sustainable if it is sustainable for everyone — the sea, the fisherman, the company, and the customer.


Congelagos was projected to process and freeze 300t of seafood daily and to have frozen storage capacity of 5,400t.

Our vision was to instal cutting-edge production lines combined with the most advanced technologies in fish processing, to allow Congelagos to respond to the needs of the most demanding customers, delivering quality and consistency.


Congelados is committed to excellence and sustainability, ensuring high-quality products, processes, and partnerships. Our implemented quality culture prioritizes workplace safety, food safety, integrated risk management, and continuous improvement. The company began its process of obtaining certifications recognized in its market, starting with ISO 22000 and is currently certified by the IFS Food standard.
The renewal of the IFS Food V8 certification in 2024 demonstrates the company’s commitment to excellence in food safety and quality. This provides customers and partners with the assurance that products meet the highest standards of safety and compliance, reinforcing Congelados’ position as a leader in the industry

Our Products

The end result? A system that assures the reliable delivery of fish and mollusks year-round, with consistent quality, based on the most advanced processing and freezing techniques. Our promise is to deliver you the world’s best fish.

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